History of GPTC Teams in USATF LDR Championships
History of GPTC Teams in USATF
LDR Championships

The nucleus
In November 2000, several friends got together to compete at the 2000 USATF Masters 5K XC
Championships at Holmdel Park in New Jersey.  Although they failed to recruit the necessary 5
scorers, Jim Cuono, Keith Davies and Chuck Shields competed for Philadelphia Masters as the
nucleus that would later become this club.  

Later, in
2002, this same group plus Fred Kenney and Doug Baranek again competed in the 5K XC
Nationals, again at Holmdel, and were able to score a team as Bryn Mawr RC. The squad placed
6th of 7 teams in M40.  Also in 2002, hopes were high that Bryn Mawr would field a strong team for
the Masters 8K XC Nationals in Rochester but half the team withdrew weeks before the race leaving
us with less than the necessary 5 scorers.

The beginning
Frustrated with the inability to field scoring teams, the guys started thinking about the possibility of
starting our own club.  In 2002, Dave Thomas formed Philadelphia Athletic Charities, Inc., a non-
profit organization.  Dave suggested that we form a team under his banner and Philadelphia Athletic
Charities Track Club (PACTC) was born in June 2003.  

The club went about recruiting like-minded XC masters runners and again entered the
2003 5K XC
Nationals at Holmdel Park.   In its’ first attempt, PACTC surprised with a 3rd place finish in the M40
division.  Back then, the Masters team XC results were based on the cumulative time of the 5 top
Running Company placed first with 1:25:05, Genesee Valley Harriers were 2nd in 1:27:43 while
PACTC scored 1:27:53 ahead of 7 other teams. The PACTC team was comprised of Tom
DeSchriver, Mike Scythes, Mark Wenneker, Keith Davies, Chuck Shields, Jim Cuono, Paul Hines
and Bob Reynolds.  A great beginning!

Starting in 2004, the USATF 5K Masters XC Championship would be held in Saratoga Springs, NY
for the next 4 years.  In that year, PACTC again entered an M40 team which placed 4th out of 6
clubs.   Team Runners High from California won in 1:19:03, 2nd was Genesee Valley in 1:22:07, 3rd
was Adirondack in 1:22:22 with PACTC scoring 1:25:42.   The 6 PACTC runners were Chuck
Shields, Mike Scythes, Keith Davies, Jim Cuono, Fred Kenney and Pete Heesen.

2005, USATF decided to change the Masters team scoring to the traditional “points” method, low
score wins.   This was beneficial to us as our cumulative time was 4th but we placed 3rd by 3 points
over Taconic using the new scoring.  Genesee Valley won this edition with 29 points, Adirondack 61,
PACTC 74, Taconic 77 followed by 2 other teams.  The 2005 squad was Chuck Shields, Jeff Hayes,
Keith Davies, Adam Prince, Bob Rimkis, Jim Cuono, Bryan Carr and Greg Green.  PACTC women
competing in W40 included Lynne Andersson and Mary Pat McFarland.

2006, again in Saratoga, the PACTC M40 squad placed 3rd behind Dirigo (48), Genesse Valley
(76).   PACTC scored 79 ahead of Chester County (87) and 4 other teams.  The M40 team was Steve
Metraux, Jeff Hayes, Chuck Shields, Scott Landis, Jim Cuono and Keith Davies.  This was also the
first time that the club fielded a women’s team. The PACTC W40 team placed 5th of 8.  Shore AC 20,
Finger Lakes 21, Willow Street 28, Westchester 29, PACTC 49.  The squad was Sarah Tabbutt, Mary
Pat McFarland, Suzanne Pacitti and Joan Affleck.

2007 5K XC Masters Nationals were again in Saratoga and this would be the last year that we would
compete as PACTC.  The W40 team of Joan Hunter, Audrey O’Brien, Sarah Tabbutt and Mary Pat
McFarland finished 2nd of 5 teams, the highest finish of any PACTC team.  The scores were Willow
Street 8, PACTC 19, Greater Springfield 31, Genesee Valley 33, and Central Park 43.   Our M40 team
placed 4th out of 8 teams.   Genesee Valley 44, Greater Springfield 59, Westchester 81, PACTC 104
edging Central Park at 105.   The M40 team was comprised of Chuck Shields, Bob Rimkis, Jeff
Hayes, Jay Miers and Kevin Forde.

Although PACTC competed in track in the beginning of 2008, it was decided that PACTC and Dave
Thomas’s organization would part ways.  Dave wanted to transform his organization into what would
later become the Belmont Plateau Hall of Fame and the track club had grown to over 50 members,
requiring a board and a more formal structure.  Dave recommended the name and the Greater
Philadelphia Track Club was born in the summer of 2008.

2008, the Masters 5K XC Championship moved to Greensboro, NC.   This was the furthest the
club had to travel so recruiting was difficult.  Still the M40 team managed a 5th place finish.  Team
scores were Westchester 62, Asheville 63, Central Park 67, Atlanta TC 75, GPTC 101, Greenville
136, and Twin City 144.
GPTC M40 runners were Kevin Forde, Chuck Shields, Bob Rimkis, Andy Shearer and Bryant Nix.
The W40 team of Joan Hunter, Chantal Reme and Joan Affleck placed 4th with 33 points behind
Willow Street (11), Carrboro (16) and Asheville (27).

In February
2009, our club made its only (still to this day) appearance at the USA XC
Championships.  This is not the Club Championship, but rather, it is the National Championship
which is used to select International teams for Worlds, etc.   It was held in nearby Derwood,
Maryland.  GPTC’s only team was in M40 which placed 5th out of 10 teams.  Team scores were
Baltimore/Washington 29, Fluffy Bunny 35, Atlanta TC 56, Montgomery County (MD) 139, GPTC 140
followed by 5 other clubs.  The squad was comprised of Kevin Forde, Bob Rimkis, Jeff Hayes,
Chuck Shields, Andy Shearer, Matt Vavala, Mike McGrath and Bill Kampf.  Colleen Forshee also
competed as our sole female entry.

Unfortunately the fall
2009 XC race was moved to Florida and wound up being canceled for some
reason.  So it was decided that the club would instead travel to the Syracuse Festival of Races for
the USATF Masters 5K Road Nationals.  The Road Championships were still using cumulative
times for team scoring. GPTC fielded 4 teams including M50 and W50 entries (yes, we were getting
older!).  The highest GPTC team placing was the W50 squad of Mimi Newcomer, Cheryl Bellaire
and Alison Suckling which finished second with a time of 1:02:52.  Willow Street won with 1:00:03,
Finger Lakes 3rd with 1:03:19.  The W40 team finished 3rd.   Team scores were Athena 54:31,
Willow Street 55:40, GPTC 1:02:08 and Finger Lakes 1:02:28.  The W40 squad was Julie Hankin,
Joan Hunter and Chantal Reme.

The men’s teams had a tough time.  M40 finished 7th in 1:27:56 with Bob McGinty, Kevin Forde,
Andy Shearer, John Costello and Bryant Nix.  The M50 team placed 5th in 1:34:52 with Chuck
Shields, Terry Permar, Rob Torchia, Bill Kampf and Anthony Pugliese.

Our first National Championship
In 2010, we entered only an M50 team for Syracuse but it was a good one!   With Jeff Hayes leading
the way, the GPTC #2 through #5 scorers were within 29 seconds of each other to score a total of 1:
26:02, over 2 minutes under 2nd place Green Mountain.   Atlanta TC was 3rd.  GPTC’s first LDR
National Championship!   Members included Jeff Hayes, Ted Trocky, Terry Permar, Peter
Churchman, Chuck Shields, Bill Kampf and Bill King.

2011, we decided to go to both the 5K Road Nationals in Syracuse and the 5K XC race in
Rochester, two weeks apart.   This may not have been wise, as it ultimately “split our forces”.   First
was Syracuse.  USATF decided to reduce the number of scorers for men’s teams to 3 instead of 5.  
We entered squads in M40, M50 and for the first time, M60.  The M40 squad placed 2nd with Nick
Berra, Kevin Forde, Neill Clark, Dave Brown and Bryant Nix. Scores were Atlanta 47:22, GPTC 50:03,
Utica 52:23.
Our M50 team placed 5th in 57:54 and was comprised of Chuck Shields, Paul Hines, Anthony
Pugliese and Bill King.   The M60 team of Gene Dykes, Tom Jennings and Rob Torchia placed 7th
with a score of 1:04:09.

GPTC then sent an M40 team and an incomplete M50 team to Rochester for the XC Championship.  
The M40 team placed 3rd. Genesee Valley won with 29 points, Westchester was 2nd with 41, GPTC
69, Central Park 78.  M40 consisted of Kevin Forde, Gene Tung, Andy Shearer, Chris Carroll and
Dave Brown.
The M50 runners were Chuck Shields, Bob Rimkis, Keith Davies and Bill King.

2012 saw our last trip to Syracuse for Road Nationals.  Both of the GPTC squads placed 4th.   The
M40 team was comprised of Nick Berra, Bill Gould, Delvin Dinkins, Kevin Forde and Andy Shearer.
W40 team finishes were Atlanta 46:41, Genesee Valley 49:58, Syracuse 50:25, GPTC 51:12,
Colonial 51:32, GPTC “B” 57:51.  The B team consisted of Gene Tung, Bryant Nix and Craig Strimel.  
The M50 team included Chuck Shields, Bruce Rash, Paul Hines, Bill Kampf and Bill King.  Team
scores were Genesee Valley 51:45, Atlanta 52:49, Syracuse 54:56, GPTC 57:16 ahead of 3 other

The Big Turnouts
In 2013, the Masters 5K XC Nationals basically became a home meet as it moved to nearby
Flemington, NJ in Deer Path Park, the site of numerous NJ Association Championship races.  
GPTC entered 47 runners on 7 teams.  Led by Sean Smith and with #2 through #5 scorers being
only 16 seconds apart, the GPTC M50 team won its’ first Masters XC title.  Team scores were GPTC
49, Genesee Valley 74, Pike Creek 94 followed by 10 other teams.  The B squad finished 10th.   The
M50 lineups were:
                   A                                                        B
           Sean Smith                                     Brian Driscoll
           Scott Brockett                                 Bruce Rash
           Jeff Hayes                                       Duncan Smith
           Bob Rimkis                                     Bob Lund
           Chuck Shields                                Bill Kampf
           Jim Anderson                                 Ross Ellis
           Sean Harbison
           Jim Cuono
In the M40 division, GPTC entered 3 scoring teams.  The A team placed 4th with 115 points.  Atlanta
placed first with 27, Baltimore Washington 66 and Team Pearl Izumi was 3rd with 77.   The B team
placed 9th and the C team 13th.  The M40 lineups were:
           A                                B                                C
   Nick Berra                Gene Tung              Matt Vavala
   Joe Warwick             Delvin Dinkins       Andrew Albright
   Bill Gould                  Alan Cook               Steve Metraux
   Scott Landis             Ross Felice            Craig Strimel
   Mike Gross               Jim Rinker               Rob Schwartz
   Andy Shearer                                              Kevin Tofel
   Eric Grevin
   Neill Clark
The M60 team squeezed out a 3rd place nail biter by 1 point.  First was Shore AC with 40, Genesee
Valley 45, GPTC 112, and Raritan Valley 113 followed by 3 other teams.  The M60s were comprised
of Don Morrison, Tom Jennings, Denny Mellish, Steve Fidler, Steve Sawyer, Fred Dedrick, Steve
Rook, Vince Aloyo and Rob Torchia.

Our W40 team placed 5th of 12 teams with 41 points behind Central Park (26), Runners High (29),
Garmin Runners (31) and Athena (37).  The team was Sheila Regan, Joan Hunter, Joann Klempner,
Lynne Andersson and Chantal Reme.

Our first club appearance at USATF Club XC Nationals was in December
2014 at Lehigh
University.   GPTC entered 60 individuals and 9 scoring teams.  This would also be a very first entry
for an Open Women’s team.

Our top team finish was in M50 where GPTC finished 5th out of 25.   Our B team finished 15th.  Top
scores were Club Northwest 62, Cal Coast 86, Playmakers Elite 102, Genesee Valley 103, GPTC
137, and Pike Creek 173.  GPTC M50 rosters were:
                   A                                                        B
          Ken Barbee                                      Steve Metraux
          Andy Shearer                                    Bob Reynolds
          Scott Brockett                                   Jim Cuono
          Mark Carver                                      Brian Driscoll
          Chuck Shields                                  Larry Rechtin
          Jeff Hayes                                        Anthony Pugliese
          Mike Precopio                                  Nick Simonetti
          Kevin Forde                                      Duncan Smith

The GPTC M60 team of Terry Permar, Gene Dykes, Don Morrison, Tom Jennings, Fred Dedrick,
Vince Aloyo, Denny Mellish and Steve Sawyer placed 6th of 13 teams.   Top scores were Atlanta 78,
Ann Arbor 82, Cal Coast 95, Shore AC 99, Genesee Valley 125, and GPTC 133.

Our W50 team finished 13th of 23 teams.  The GPTC B team finished 21st.  The A team was
comprised of Michele Keane, Stephanie Saucy, Michelle Pollio and Christine Kelley.  The B team
was Alicia Luba, Sandy Folzer, Carla Crosby and Diane McManus.

The GPTC W40 team of Julie Deery, Joanne Klempner and Joan Hunter placed 16th of 32 teams.
The club had two entries in M40 with the A team placing 19th and the B team 36th out of 40 teams.
The M40 rosters were:
                   A                                                        B
           Mike Padilla                                    Paul Patterson
           Mike Gross                                     Jamie Steen        
           Joe Warwick                                   Andrew Albright
           Butch Oberlander                           Neill Clark
           Bill Gould                                        Carl Stocking
           Gene Tung
           Chuck Kruelle
           Jim Rinker

The Open Women’s team placed 29th of 38 teams and consisted of Margaret Diacont, Traci
Tempone, Nicole Danielewicz, Megan Shah, Liz Stocking, Rachel Wise and Jenn Hawkes.   Due to
some late no-shows, we were unable to field an Open’s Men team but John Goldthorp, Ken Hite,
Mike Kaucher and Kevin McLaughlin represented GPTC.
This event was (and still is) the biggest participation of GPTC membership in club history.

2015, the 5K XC Masters Championships returned to Saratoga Springs.  We fielded complete
teams in M50, M60 and W50.  We had an incomplete team in W40.  Our top finish was in M50 where
we placed 2nd.  Top team scores were Genesee Valley 19, GPTC 58, and Adirondack 71.  The team
was made up of Kevin Forde, Larry Rechtin, Chuck Shields, Jim Rinker and Carl Stocking.

Our M60 team placed 7th of 9 teams.  The team was Don Morrison, Tom Jennings and Fred
Dedrick.  Our W50 placed 6th of 7 teams.  Scorers were Colleen Forshee, Mary Pat McFarland and
Michele Pollio.  M40 runners who competed included Paul Vandegrift, Mike Gross, Gene Tung and
Chuck Kruelle.

2017, The UISATF 5K XC Masters Championship returned to the Northeast and were held in
venerable Franklin Park in Boston, MA.  We fielded teams in W50, M40, M50, M60 and for the first
time, M70.
The M70 team of Tom Jennings, Vince Aloyo and Jim Assal debuted in fine form, capturing 3rd place.
M70 scores were New England 11, Genesee 14, GPTC 28, Atlanta 30, Atlanta B 51.  Our M60 team
placed 5th of 9.  Team scores were Shore AC 17, Atlanta 19, Greater Lowell 22, Dirigo 32, GPTC 35
followed by 4 others.  M60 team, in order of finish, was Bob Reynolds, Phil Reilly Sr, Don Morrison,
Denny Mellish and Bob Lund.  Fred Dedrick also ran undeclared.

The M50 team placed 6th of 7 but only 5 points away from 4th place.  The M50 team, in order, was
Ken Barbee, Dan Mazo, Andy Shearer, Chuck Shields, Larry Rechtin, Scott Armstrong, Anthony
Pugliese and Carl Stocking.

GPTC M40 placed 8th of 11 teams and included Dante Zappala, Paul Vandegrift, Phil Reilly Jr,
Delvin Dinkins, Leo Kolshorn and Chuck Kruelle.   The W50 team of Mary Pat McFarland, Mary
Fanelli Lund and Michele Pollio placed 9th of 10 squads.  In all, 26 GPTC club members raced,
making it the biggest LDR contingent to travel to an “Away” Championship.

To be continued….Buffalo, September, 2018!