Runners' Pentathlon 8/18/13
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(l to r) Mark Williams, Nick Berra in the 800
James Durkin (M75)(left) duels with Bruce
Gilbert (M77) in the 200
Team 100 heat (l to r) Neil A. Brown (M45),
Glenn Cohen (M54), Wayne Foulke (M49),
Greg Zesinger (M38), Carl Stocking (M52
CoCompetitors check their scores in
between events
100 meter heat (l to r) Gary Rosenberg
(M42), Bruce Rash (M51),  Mike Freeman
(M40),  David Richard (M49), Brian
Rosenstein (M17)
(l to r) Nick Berra (M44), Rodney Rosario
(M23) and Mark Williams (M40)  feel the
pain of 200 meters
Lorraine Jasper (W52) in the 800
1st place team - Athena "MCC" - (l to r )
Cheryl Bellaire (W54), Mary Swan (M51),
Coreen Steinbach (M62
Greater Philadelphia TC group shot
Mary DeLuca (W52) finishes her 200 heat
Meet Director Kyle
presents Nick Berra
with Champion's
rivals Nick Berra (M44) and Mark Williams
(M40) before squaring off in the final event,
the 800
Gary Patton (M67) in the 1500
2nd place team - Greater Philadelphia TC
- (l to r) Wayne Foulke (M49), Nick
Damalas (M44) and Tom Jennings (M69)
(l to r) Nick Berra, Peter Taylor, Lorraine
3000 seeded heat (l to r) Nick Berra, Mark
Williams, Birger Ohlsson (M45) and
Joshua Smith (M15)
Once again, Pete
Taylor did the